Co-Willing – International Association

We sadly announce the death of our founding member and friend, Reverend Mario Mahongo, Leader of the San Community Platfontein and chairperson of the of the !Xun council of elders, chairperson of the South African San Institute and vice-chair of the South African San Council… and great promoter of skills training for a good future of his youth. Our hearts and minds are with his family and his people.

The international coalition Co-Willing encourages Good Governance and promotes Sustainable Development in Africa. Focus is implementing projects specifically in Africa in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG:

  • Ethical Leadership & Good Governance
  • Efficient Project Planning and Evaluation with intelligent iSDG tool
  • UrbanRural Development,
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Environment: Waste & Water Management, renewable Energy, Reforestation 
  • Skills Training and Education (incl. gender equality)
  • Health Development

Co-Willing aims to be a powerful source of inspiration, cooperation and action that serves project specific development outcomes. Co-Willing – Annual Report 2017
Co-Willing is a non-political and non-profit NGO with seat in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDG and T21 Model – are key
reference points in the way forward.
So is the Agenda 2063 – future plan for Transformation and Development in Africa.

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference –
25 – 30 January 2019

“Sustainable Development in Africa – Leading the Way”
Introducing creative economic and other partnerships
for practical and meaningful development along the SDGs.

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Goal: Co-Willing members, international investors, Government organisations, …
seeking collaboration for economic empowerment (e.g. vocational skills education) and
implementation of the UN SDGs.