Co-Willing – International Association
The international coalition Co-Willing encourages Good Governance and promotes Sustainable Development in Africa. Focus is implementing projects specifically in Africa in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG:

  • Ethical Leadership & Good Governance
  • Efficient Project Planning and Evaluation with intelligent iSDG tool
  • UrbanRural Development,
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Environment: Waste & Water Management, renewable Energy, Reforestation 
  • Skills Training and Education

Co-Willing aims to be a powerful source of inspiration, cooperation and action that serves project specific development outcomes.
Co-Willing is a non-political and non-profit NGO with seat in Geneva, Switzerland.

Background info
Co-Willing was formed during the International conference ‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ (FOR) in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in September 2014.
This conference was inspired by the insight that Good Governance and Sustainable Development promote self-empowerment for prosperity and peace.

FOR was a platform to share knowledge, tactics and/or resources among those who could benefit from these experiences and connections. The conference consisted of 250 people of all backgrounds, age groups, nationalities and fields of interest.
During this conference a small group of delegates met spontaneously and informally for the first time to explore the possibility of joining experiences and forces to promote sustainable development in Africa and encourage dialogue.

The Group of interested and committed people from all over the world are determined to share and implement their projects in reality.
To consolidate Co-Willing the group met 2015 in Switzerland and 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference –
19-23 January 2018

A unique gathering of leaders, experts and interested people.
Co-Willing organises a conference along its key foci:
SDGs – with the opportunity of  applying the intelligent systemic computer tool iSDG T21 to your own project with professional assistance –
food security, waste & water management, renewable energy (mini solar plants) and internet access for rural areas, vocational skills education, e-learning, community development, new approach to health
More info: Co-Willing Conference January 2018 – Invitation & Programme
Registration form:  000 Registration form – Co-Willing Conference Jan 2018
Conference Brochure (incl. Programme): Co-Willing Conference Brochure – Jan 2018

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Goal: Co-Willing members, international investors, Government organisations, …
seeking collaboration for economic empowerment (e.g. vocational skills education) and
implementation of the UN SDGs.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDG and T21 Model – are key
reference points in the way forward.
So is the Agenda 2063, Future plan for Transformation and Development in Africa.